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Petite Model Net is a petite modeling site, a petite gallery set up with one purpose, to gain exposure for those petite models and petite photographic models or the petite actress who are not 6' 1 and size 0 . Here you can sell your services to the world for free. if you are a petite model or wish to enter the modeling world, simply place your advert and your petite modeling pictures . ( Photographs have a max size of 100K . If you have the software try 800x600 72dpi ).

You have total control over your free adverts, We do nothing. you can place it, edit it, add to it, Upload up to 6 images (photographs can be jpg gif or png), delete or replace them, you have full control over your advert.

Your advert and pictures will expire after a period that you choose, you will receive a reminder, prior to this and it is up to you whether you wish to extend the advert or let it fade away gracefully, whichever it will always be free.

When placing your free petite modeling advert In our Petite Gallery, we advise clicking the hide email option. this will give you total anonymity unless you wish to reveal your email details to the general public. We require membership (free) and email verification before contact can be made, hopefully this will dissuade casual contact.

Please Check back often as Petite Model Net will be developing more features, mainly based on your requests. If you have any suggestion please feel free to contact us. We are also looking for pages for our information section so if you have anything you would like to share, send it to us.

Height should not be a problem in modeling except for fashion/catwalk, Melinda Messenger, who is probably the most photographed girl in the UK is 5' 4. Samantha Fox is 5' 1. Linda Lusardi is 5' 5. Twiggy is 5' 6. Madonna is 5' 4. Victoria Beckham is 5' 4. and Lady Gaga is 5' 1.Agents tend to be short sighted.

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